Amkette Trubeats IGO Earphone

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Enjoy wireless freedom and experience rich music on the go with Amkette IGO Headphone. Easy pairing with advance Bluetooth 4.1 version. The stylish ultra portable design makes it an ideal music companion while on the move. Effortlessly switch between music and calls with its dedicated controls. The soft ear cushions allows you to enjoy music for long hours without comprimising on the comfort.Amkette Igo Multipairing features allows pairing with upto two bluetooth devices simultaneously.
Headphone is accompanied with Stylish All Weather Carry Case.

Highlights :

No wires, no hassle

Enjoy listening to music without bothering about the hanging wires. Amkette IGO Bluetooth 4.1 enables easy pairing with your device and the bluetooth's low energy technology uses less energy from your phone. 

 Ultra Portable

Its lightweight and foldable design,makes it extremely portable. The soft cushions gives you comfort fit, so carry it anywhere, listen to music for long hours and make the headphone your music companion.









You can easily connect up to two Bluetooth devices for calls and accordingly answer/make calls from either of the phones

Unique Wire Stability Rings









The unique wire stability rings keeps the wire in place and adds to comfort and styling of the headphone.

Carry in Style





Carry your headphones smartly everywhere with All Weather Carry Case accompanying the Amkette IGO headphone. It carries, stores and protects your headphones from dirt and grime.